It's never too early to talk with your baby. Babies expect to be understood from the beginning and THRIVE Infant-Family Program helps you meet that expectation. Prematurity and illness can present unique challenges in this process so we brought the "talking cure" to the APP Store with our NICU THRIVE Let's Talk APP. We support parents in connecting with their babies by helping them understand the babies' experiences and "listening" to how they communicate without words. These "conversations" and efforts to understand your baby, nourish healthy relationships.


Information about the many ways THRIVE can serve your family.

  • Pregnancy Accompaniment
  • Infant Observation in your family home for up to two years.  It's FREE!
  • Early help with problems of feeding, sleeping and understanding the development of mind in the newborn.  Start your baby's emotional life in a mindful way that also supports parents' personal development and siblings too! 


By THRIVE Infant-Family Program and  OpenLab at the University of California Santa Cruz. Click on the image to see NICU THRIVE Let's Talk on the APP Store.

Research has shown that talking with your baby while in the NICU supports cognition and language development at 18 months!  Your baby knows you best and you can make the difference in development just by learning with the APP. You are not alone in the NICU because THRIVE supports you with a virtual parent group, music, movement and stories about talking with your baby!





THRIVE for Professionals

THRIVE provides training for professionals in the Esther Bick Method of Infant Observation and Early Intervention. We offer training for Infant Mental Health Professionals from Pregnancy through baby's second year. 

Our Work Discussion Groups meet during the year.  It's a great way to support the work of THRIVE Infant-Family Program while learning how the understanding of the Primordial, Perinatal period in our lives has profound influence all across the lifespan.  Our discussions are valuable for professionals who work with children and adults.

THRIVE presents many opportunities for professionals and parents during the year.  Please sign up on the contact us page and let us know what interests you!