About THRIVE Infant-Family Program Infant-Family Program

Bringing the talking cure to infants and families since 2007

We are mental health professionals who are committed to understanding the emotional life of infants. Our intent is to help parents and infants thrive in their conversation and communication with one another. THRIVE Infant-Family Program also provides training and education for professionals within the community. 


Our vision is to understand the emotional development of the infant from the beginning, to facilitate communication in the infant-caregiver relationship, and to provide an environment for infants to thrive.


We study the infants' capacities for emotional communication and social relatedness as well as the corresponding abilities of the caregiver.  Our therapeutic interventions clarify infant communication and facilitate caregiver empathy and response.  THRIVE Infant-Family Program provides training and education for professionals and disseminates knowledge to the community


  • Individual meetings with families
  • Infant Observation in your family home
  • Extended Emotional Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Prenatal Groups/Pregnancy Accompaniment: These groups assist parents in bringing into existence an optimal atmosphere of emotional communication as pregnancy comes to term.  The groups encourage a mindful approach to fetal development and help create reflective capacities for enhanced communication between care-givers and the emerging infant.  We work through the stages of pregnancy and help you create your style of a "Parental Couple".  Private consultations are also available for at-risk pregnancies and those who prefer privacy.
  • Professional training in Infant Observation, and psychoanalytic early intervention. 
  • Training for Infant Mental Health Professionals
  • Work Discussion Groups for Adjunct Members

For more information please contact us

 310.464.0864 info@thriveprogram.org

Director: Julie McCaig, PhD.

Founding Members: Katya Bloom, Ph.D., Ethan Grumbach, PhD, Naomi Lieberman, PsyD., Vladimir Lipovetsky, MD., Erna Osterweil, PhD. Paulene Popek, Ph.D., Bonny Sham, Ph.D.

Clinical Members: Marion Anderson, Ph.D.,  Eugenie French, Psy.D., Aranye Freudenberg, Ph.D. and Alice Smith, M.A.

Thrive Infant Family Program has been awarded grants from the American Psychoanalytic Foundation through the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association for our Let’s Talk Smart Phone App for parents while their infants are in the NICU. THRIVE has an affiliation agreement with the New Center for Psychoanalysis.