THRIVE Infant-Family Program has many ways to serve you from fertility treatment support through baby's second year.

THRIVE Infant-Family Program offers:

  • Pregnancy Accompaniment: Becoming a Family
  • These groups assist parents in bringing into existence an optimal atmosphere of emotional communication as pregnancy comes to term.  The groups encourage a mindful approach to fetal development and help create reflective capacities for enhanced communication between care-givers and the emerging infant.  We work through the stages of pregnancy and help you create your style of a "Parental Couple".  Private consultations are also available for at-risk pregnancies and those who prefer privacy.
  • Infant Observation in your home.  A THRIVE trained Observer will come to your home one hour per week to think with you about your baby for one or two years.  This is a free service available for families. Our observers develop their abilities to work in early family support though this experience.
  • Early Family Support for worries about feeding and sleeping with attention to talking with your baby to support your baby's cognitive capacities and language development.  Siblings may also be included in weekly visits.
  • THRIVE Infant-Family Program is developing a Participant Observation Program for Infant Mental Health Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, M.D.s, and Psychoanalysts. 
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