The THRIVE Infant-Family Program provides Tavistock Model Infant Observation training for professionals 

THRIVE Infant-Family Program has provided Infant Observation in the Tavistock Model created by Esther Bick since 2007.  Participants observe infants in their homes for 30 weeks.  Classes will meet weekly with 3 additional Master Classes described below.  There will be a total of 33 weeks of instruction.  

Infant Observation as devised by Esther Bick follows the infant and family members over the course of the baby’s first year.  The seminar meets weekly to review notes from each Observer to think together with the Seminar Teachers about the experience from the baby’s point of view.

THRIVE Infant Observation will be taught by Infant Observation Seminar Leaders who  have experience in Infant Observation including NICU observation and Internet seminars with Dr. Wendy Shallcross of the Tavistock-Portman Trust.  Our Instructors have Group Relations experience as well as training in Communicative Movement with Dr. Katya Bloom.  Naomi Lieberman, Ethan Grumbach and Julie McCaig have presented their Infant Observation paper at the Tavistock Infant Observation Supervisor's Meeting with our advisor, Wendy Shallcross.

The THRIVE Model of Infant Observation includes 3 Master Classes during the term featuring: Dr. Wendy Shallcross from the Tavistock (by internet link/in person) and Dr. Katya Bloom, for her insights on movement and observation.  The Master Classes will take place on Saturday Mornings.TBDAdditionally, the THRIVE members, including Director, Julie McCaig, may meet with students during the term.

Participants will learn:

Observation in the Tavistock Model, the Esther Bick Method.

  • How to think about early experience from the discipline of observation without interpretation or intervention.
  • How to integrate theories ofKlein, Bion, Winnicott et al and developmental studies with Infant Observation.
  • How to integrate communicative movement analysis and observation in thinking about infants.
  • Understanding of transference and counter-transference experience with adults as well as infants.

This 33 week course will provide individuals with the first year of Infant Observation.  This Course is a pre-requisite for participation in THRIVE’s Second Year Observation and Field Observations/Participant Observation Projects. 

Our Courses on Infant Research and Psychoanalytic Early Intervention are offered as schedules allow. One Year of Infant Observation is a pre-requisite .  

THRIVE Infant-Family Program is a Non-Profit Corporation providing education for professionals and Early Psychoanalytic Intervention for Infants and their Families. THRIVE also provides Family Support for Infants and Familiesin the NICU through our NICU THRIVE Let's Talk APP on the APP Store.

THRIVE Applied Infant Observation and Early         Psychoanalytic Treatment

Advanced Infant Observation students are working together with our THRIVE Infant-Family Program Team of instructors and advisors to develop our applied infant observation protocol.  This design includes infant observation in the family home, team support and parent/individual early psychoanalytic treatment where indicated.  This work is being designed to protect the family's possibilities for communication from the beginning.  We work to assist parents in their conversations with each other and their infant to invigorate the baby's cognitive and language abilities while their inner world is emerging. We assist you to find your capacities as a parent and provide a playful atmosphere to help your infant come into emotional being through enlivening conversations and sound-play. Our mission to assist communication includes the non verbal communication of gestures and sounds that are baby's first language. 


Adjunct Members & Clinical Members will have the opportunity to think and work in a group alongside Thrive Core Members to bring case material (pregnancy, infancy/adults with emerging Primordial States of Mind (PSOM) for our adapted weaving thoughts method* of thinking, playing and dreaming together in a confidential atmosphere.  We will have three (3)meetings over the year.  

Affiliate Membership is $150.00. Must be a California Licensed Clinician. Monday evenings beginning in October. Dates to be determined.

We also offer private THRIVE group setting for you to bring case work to us for consultation, as time permits. (limited availability, private meetings must be scheduled in advance). Phone Dr. McCaig at 310-560-6090.

As we have done in the past, we will have a forum for an array of Intimate Conversations ranging from: Embodied Attentiveness, Sandplay and The Poetics of Mind for Infants and Adult Psychoanalysis.  These events will be unfolding over the year.  $25.00. CEUs will be available at an additional fee. Come to one or all . Our calendar is being finalized.  

New offering for this year!

Student Membership:  We will have sIx consecutive meetings to acquaint you with the weaving thoughts methodology and provide an introduction to Infant Observation. 

Students will have the opportunity to observe an infant over four weeks time in a public or private setting of your choice.  This is informal learning, yet, you may find the evocative process of finding a baby, asking to observe, writing some recollections of what you have seen and then sharing these experiences in the Seminar.  This a great introduction to our year-long Infant Observation Seminars.  This is the first step on the Observation path for those who are not able to commit to the year long program, but wish to have a taste of this highly effective method of training. Limited to 5 students. Six consecutive weeks - Mondays $275.00 -  Beginning in October -Dates tbd. 

If you would like to apply for the Year-Long Tavistock Model Infant Observation Seminar for2016-2017, write to for an application form.  Once you have had a change to review the application, you can participate in a conversation with THRIVE to answer your questions and discover your interest and readiness for this intensive learning.  Our Infant Observation Seminar meetings will take place on Monday evenings. 


Additionally, we will have a forum for an array of Intimate Conversations ranging from: several topics (under consideration). Embodied Attentiveness, Sandplay and The Poetics of Mind for Infants and Adult Psychoanalysis.  These events will be unfolding over the year.  $25.00. Space is extremely limited for these events.More information will be available shortly.

CEUs will be available at an additional fee. Come to one or all . Our calendar is being finalized.  

*Weaving Thoughts Method was developed by Johan Norman andBjörn Salomonsson.  Thrive has modified their process to fit our work discussion group format.